Hard Drive Recovery

When it comes to data recovery, there are two main scenarios. The first one is called “logical recovery” and refers to all cases where the hard drive itself is operating normally, but data loss has occurred e.g. by file system corruption through malicious software (“malware”), accidental deletion of files, or formatting of the wrong drive or partition. Go to our Data Recovery Software page to learn more about logical failures and what steps you can take.

The second scenario is called “physical recovery” and affects all cases where the hard drive is no longer operating normally, or possibly not at all. Signs for a physical problem can be unusual noises like clicking or grinding noises, the drive not being recognized by the computer, or even burn marks or smells of burning coming from the drive. It is absolutely necessary to contact us for additional information in these cases, so that our expert data recovery specialists can investigate the drive and provide you with a full and complete assessment of the state of your drive.

For physical recoveries it is impossible to say what the chances are to recover the data you are looking for, which is why we offer FREE EVALUATIONS.

Give us a call today at TOLL FREE 1-877-501-4949 or Submit a Case and our Customer Service Representatives will work with you and get you well on the way to having your precious data back.


The Data Rescue Center has all the equipment and personal to handle any of your desktop drive recovery needs.

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The Data Rescue Center is able to assist with all of your laptop drive recovery needs.

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Whether your server consists of a single drive or is made up of multiple server racks The Data Rescue Center is experienced and prepared to recover all your data.

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Our Parent Company Prosoft Engineering, Inc. created the industry leading Mac recovery software making us the experts in recovering from an Apple Computer.

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With the most cutting edge recovery hardware and software at our disposal we have the ability to recover from a Windows operating system.

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The Data Rescue Center is capable of recovering Linux systems, whether they are for a personal computer or running a server.

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